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Resource Links


Proton Treatment Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Take a tour and learn more about proton therapy.


The National Association for Proton Therapy is an independent, non-profit, public benefit corporation providing education and awareness for the public, professional and governmental communities.


Proton BOB support group for men with prostate cancer considering, having, or who have had proton therapy.


You Can Beat Prostate Cancer —And You Don’t Need Surgery To Do It—A book the author wishes had been available at the time he was diagnosed, what every man—and his wife—needs to know about when diagnosed with prostate cancer. This book helps guide you through the path of decision making and lets you know what to expect. Not only is this an easy read, but a must read as well!


Don’t Fear the Big Dogs—A dad and his daughter turn a battle with prostate cancer into a journey of triumph and discovery. A great story!


Prostate Cancer and Proton Treatment blog from a former Loma Linda patient. He posts regular articles and current information.


A glossary of terms used in proton therapy.


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