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Choosing Loma Linda


Attitude is everything. If you are expecting to encounter a big hospital bureaucracy you will be sorely disappointed. Loma Linda believes in treating the whole individual, not just the cancer. The staff at Loma Linda know that you have experienced the shock and depression that goes with hearing a diagnosis of cancer. They understand that you may have traveled a long distance and are separated from your home and loved ones. They treat you like friends and family. You never feel like a number or just another patient.

Stories abound about how the staff go out of their way to make the patients feel at home.


One couple asked about apartment rentals in the area. The staff member didn’t just hand them a sheet of rentals. She stopped what she was doing and took them out to rent an apartment!


Some treatment protocols last up to two and a-half months. Loma Linda has partnered with car rental companies, apartment complexes, and other firms in the area to make sure patients are fully accomodated. Some apartment complexes have apartments set aside just for Loma Linda patients and are furnished down to the silverware. Some complexes even sponsor pot luck dinners once a week just for the patients.

Each Wednesday evening the hospital sponsers a support group with featured speakers.


A patient’s wife mentioned to a staff member that she needed to rent a car for the day. The staff member said “take mine” and tossed over her own personal car keys.


Patients not only rave about their personal experiences at Loma Linda University Medical Center, they hold an annual reunion each October to celebrate the anniversary of the first patient treatment.


Freddie entertains the waiting room.

The proton treatment waiting room is more like a living room, equipped with everything from a piano, computers, couches, cable TV, to hot chocolate.

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